Flexible growth capital for leading software companies

About Us

We started BCV in late 2012 as a software-focused venture capital firm to address gaps in the growth stage funding market. Where most growth stage funds saw rounds too small to be interesting, we saw an opportunity to deliver a highly differentiated offering. By being flexible on amount invested, ownership requirement and exit horizon, we enable entrepreneurs and their investors to efficiently raise the “right sized” financing which minimizes dilution and leads to an optimal round.

While our investment strategy is unique, we pride ourselves on our investment style and values. We see ourselves as entrepreneurs as much as investors; having gone through the typical growing pains of any start-up, we understand that the path to success is a long and arduous road. We don’t believe there is a task too small for us and don’t hesitate to roll-up our sleeves and get in the trenches for our companies, their founders and management. Through our advisory board, limited partners and investment team, BCV brings together 50+ seasoned and accomplished tech entrepreneurs and investors. We work hard to support our entrepreneurs along their journey and align ourselves with the growth plans of their companies. We value honesty, integrity, humility and hard work above all.

Investment Strategy

BCV partners with leading VC funds in providing growth capital to their most promising portfolio companies. As a new investor coming into a round, we are comfortable leading a round or following terms set by insiders. We have no minimum ownership requirement, are flexible on exit horizon and do not seek board representation. We are thorough, but efficient, in making investment decisions and seamlessly work with management and the lead VC investors in conducting our diligence under the existing timeline.

In addition to providing capital and assisting with strategy, recruiting and customer introductions, we bring a unique set of value-adds to our portfolio companies including: A network of 25 active tech entrepreneurs serving on BCV’s Executive Advisory Board; buy-side execution capabilities and exit planning leveraging the fund partners’ banking experience; assistance with international expansion through active international LPs and operating partners based in Singapore and London; access to institutional and non-institutional funding through contacts with later stage VC and PE firms as well as domestic and international strategic investors and family offices.




SaaS, enterprise business application software, infrastructure software and open source software


$10.0+ million revenue run-rate; profitable or clear path to profitability; we also consider exceptional earlier stage companies with high growth potential


Invest $3 – $10 million as part of $10+ million growth rounds; opportunistically price & structure rounds